Sunday, August 30, 2009

Report from Berlin

Home of the Currywurst
Part I

Ohh Berlin, Berlin... what can I say!
Home of the Currywurst, the Love Parade, and Nina Hagen.
What a place. Although we only went there for three days, we had the best time. Got off the train from the airport and explored the city for the next couple of days by foot. There was so much to see that we didn't know where to go first. So we just stumbled around, from shoe store to shoe store, art overdosed, sweating, eating sausages, drooling for the next beer...

We didn't have much time, but found some interesting, smaller artist-run type of places and galleries, and also checked out the big ballers and a couple of museums. And then there's all kinds of art in the streets in between. If you need to get your munch going, try the Chicken Döner Kebap... oh man... a Turkish delicacy for 2.50 Euros, and the Currywurst's toughest competitor. And cheap, delicious beer everywhere! They basically just throw it at you and force you to drink it. Oh well...

Walls everywhere in this place.

No 74

Bongout Showroom

Panatom Gallery

Urban Gallery Store

The undplus guys know how to take care of their propaganda.

Old times!

Huge mural on Torstraße.

Black eye?

Moving art - some guys from a nearby gallery were schlepping big paintings out of this one.

Donkey, dog, cat, and rooster all the way from Bremen.

Nice collaboration.

What, what!?!?

Lego retrofitting.

Foxy and friends...

... and we met Mozarth.

To be continued!



We are excited to announce the opening of Wonderland this fall, a large-scale exhibition in and about San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood, curated by Lance Fung, and in collaboration with the North of Market/Tenderloin Community Benefit District.

More information to come soon!
In the meanwhile check out:

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lucy and Mark Mulroney at Ever Gold Gallery, opening Thu. Sep.3 2009


Featuring new works by Lucy and Mark Mulroney.

Please join us for the opening reception at the Ever Gold,
Thursday, September 3, 2009, 6 to 9 pm.

441 O'Farrell St, between Taylor and Jones,
SF, CA 94102.

Dates: September 3 to 24,
the EG is open Wednesday through Saturday, 3 to 8 pm.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Alex Braubach @ Pure Beauty tonight

Alex Braubach - Through The Looking Glass

Alex is opening a show at Pure Beauty salon tonight in the upper Haight as part of the Haight Street Art Walk. 15 brand-spankin-new pieces in gold frames by this terrific watercolor virtuoso. Stop by at:
Pure Beauty
1560 Haight St at Clayton St
SF, CA 94117
Friday, 8.28.09, 7 - 9pm

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Annual First Show at SFAI

Come out to 800 Chestnut St., SFAI's amazing North Beach campus, this coming Tuesday, September 1 for a campus-wide exhibition of new student work in painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance, installation, plus film screenings, live music, and fine beverages. Curated by Nicholas Miller, Karl Nelson, Casey Gray, and Romy Mariano.
It's a one day event, so be there, or forget about it!

800 Chestnut St., SF
Sep 1, 2009, 5-10pm

Friday, August 21, 2009

Field-trip to Frankfurt's Museum für Moderne Kunst

After an epic 14 hour "little-sister-wedding" party-battle with the family, it was time to change pace and we headed towards the big city - Frankfurt am Main, Germany's Mainhattan - Ol' Dirty Frank. Excellent location for some cultural over-exposure.

Not only is Frankfurt known as the birthplace of Äppelwoi - Apfelwein - in English appelwine, but the city also has a couple of good museums and galleries to check out and so we decided to spend some time at the Museum für Moderne Kunst - the Museum of Modern Art.
The MMK is a place of old memories for me, one of my earliest encounters with art. As a kid, I had been fascinated with how weird and creepy the things were that they showed at this strange museum. After a stroll over the Zeil, the Hauptwache, and a lunch "mit frischen Pfifferlingen und Äppelwoi" at the Römer, we headed over to the MMK to peep Sarah Morris' show Gemini Dressage featuring three of her films, a bunch of large-scale paintings and a three-story wide mural.

Quick stop at the Schirn Kunsthalle.

Der Kaiserdom, built in the 1550's...

and on the way a typical building from the 1950s.

The MMK aka des Kuchestücksche.

Entering the belly of the beast...

and time traveling for 5 Euros a pop.

A labyrinth!
Great playground...


mural and painting...

and mural.

Window view from the top floor...

Still Bill from Capital, 2001.

Still Pandas from Beijing, 2009.

Mr. K-Boogie!

Oh Danny-Boy...

And the spectacle ends here.

We were the last two visitors to leave, when the reception lady gave us a warm 'we are closed'.
Auf Wiedersehen MMK, we'll be back!

Coming next:
Report from Berlin
Home of the Currywurst

Keep on keepin on...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This week on view at the Ever Gold:

John Casey & Althea James

Monica Canilao & Constance Castillo

Closing party Thursday, August 27, 6 - 9pm.

Double Trouble looks at the mentor relationship through exploring the collaborative artistic process. Often times our artist mentors are people we do not know personally, they are people who inspire us through the things we read about them and the things we see that they make. If we do happen to know the people who inspire our artistic practice personally, the situation where we would share in their creative process and make work with them does not present itself.

Nine young, emerging artists in Double Trouble sought out an artist whose work gives them inspiration, whose ideas nurture the creativity inside themselves and asked if they would create a collaborative work with them. Double Trouble is a show with 18 artists, at varying stages of their careers, working together in pairs to create the works on view for Double Trouble.

Curated by Tara Lisa Foley & Nina Potepan.