Friday, August 21, 2009

Field-trip to Frankfurt's Museum für Moderne Kunst

After an epic 14 hour "little-sister-wedding" party-battle with the family, it was time to change pace and we headed towards the big city - Frankfurt am Main, Germany's Mainhattan - Ol' Dirty Frank. Excellent location for some cultural over-exposure.

Not only is Frankfurt known as the birthplace of Äppelwoi - Apfelwein - in English appelwine, but the city also has a couple of good museums and galleries to check out and so we decided to spend some time at the Museum für Moderne Kunst - the Museum of Modern Art.
The MMK is a place of old memories for me, one of my earliest encounters with art. As a kid, I had been fascinated with how weird and creepy the things were that they showed at this strange museum. After a stroll over the Zeil, the Hauptwache, and a lunch "mit frischen Pfifferlingen und Äppelwoi" at the Römer, we headed over to the MMK to peep Sarah Morris' show Gemini Dressage featuring three of her films, a bunch of large-scale paintings and a three-story wide mural.

Quick stop at the Schirn Kunsthalle.

Der Kaiserdom, built in the 1550's...

and on the way a typical building from the 1950s.

The MMK aka des Kuchestücksche.

Entering the belly of the beast...

and time traveling for 5 Euros a pop.

A labyrinth!
Great playground...


mural and painting...

and mural.

Window view from the top floor...

Still Bill from Capital, 2001.

Still Pandas from Beijing, 2009.

Mr. K-Boogie!

Oh Danny-Boy...

And the spectacle ends here.

We were the last two visitors to leave, when the reception lady gave us a warm 'we are closed'.
Auf Wiedersehen MMK, we'll be back!

Coming next:
Report from Berlin
Home of the Currywurst

Keep on keepin on...

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