Sunday, August 30, 2009

Report from Berlin

Home of the Currywurst
Part I

Ohh Berlin, Berlin... what can I say!
Home of the Currywurst, the Love Parade, and Nina Hagen.
What a place. Although we only went there for three days, we had the best time. Got off the train from the airport and explored the city for the next couple of days by foot. There was so much to see that we didn't know where to go first. So we just stumbled around, from shoe store to shoe store, art overdosed, sweating, eating sausages, drooling for the next beer...

We didn't have much time, but found some interesting, smaller artist-run type of places and galleries, and also checked out the big ballers and a couple of museums. And then there's all kinds of art in the streets in between. If you need to get your munch going, try the Chicken Döner Kebap... oh man... a Turkish delicacy for 2.50 Euros, and the Currywurst's toughest competitor. And cheap, delicious beer everywhere! They basically just throw it at you and force you to drink it. Oh well...

Walls everywhere in this place.

No 74

Bongout Showroom

Panatom Gallery

Urban Gallery Store

The undplus guys know how to take care of their propaganda.

Old times!

Huge mural on Torstraße.

Black eye?

Moving art - some guys from a nearby gallery were schlepping big paintings out of this one.

Donkey, dog, cat, and rooster all the way from Bremen.

Nice collaboration.

What, what!?!?

Lego retrofitting.

Foxy and friends...

... and we met Mozarth.

To be continued!


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